Are you looking for evidence that 출장마사지 improves your health?

Are you looking for evidence that 출장마사지 improves your health?

Plenty of studies prove that a massage improves your health, so you can find them to support your claim. Dozens of studies have linked massage to many physical and psychological benefits ranging from reducing stress 출장마사지 to easing muscle soreness after exercise. It has been shown that after working out for 10 minutes, a 10-minute muscle massage can reduce soreness by 30%, according to a study conducted in Australia.

A separate research study examining massage found that massage reduced cortisol levels by 31%. In comparison, feel-good hormones such as dopamine and serotonin increased by approximately 30% after a massage. You don’t need to pay someone a fortune to provide you with a massage because you need to give yourself a good kneading. Research on self-massage methods, like foam rolling, has proven that even people with osteoarthritis can benefit from kneading to reduce muscle soreness and improve their pain symptoms.

The research she has conducted suggests that massage can improve people’s immune system function as well as reduce physical and emotional pain for those who are suffering from breast cancer and leukemia. When asked why massage could have so many health benefits, Field says several fMRI studies have shown that massage increases the blood flow in areas of the brain that regulate mood and stress.

In her opinion, the vagus nerve, one of the major components of the human nervous system that plays an important role in autonomic functions such as heart rate, breathing, and digestion, is stimulated by pressure receptors under the skin. Increased vagus nerve activity would have the effect of calming the mind in a meditation-like manner, which could explain the drop in cortisol levels and other symptoms associated with stress.

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According to Field, the first thing you do when you bump your elbow or knee and experience pain is to rub the site of pain. The “gate theory,” this theory suggests that when connected touch receptors are activated, your brain cannot fully register pain signals. “It is possible that massage can alleviate pain in this way,” she says.

All this is controversial, however, because some review studies have found that massage is not as effective as it seems to be in treating pain. In addition, Field and other researchers need help proving a massage is good for you because it’s almost impossible to design a massage study that eliminates the placebo effect when it comes to proving that it’s good for you.